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6 Steps Skinny to Jacked

Yea thats me... But I didn't always look like that. I was a skinny 400 meter hurdler in college weighing 165 pounds soaking wet. I didn't think putting on muscle was in my genetics and it was frustrating. In 2020 I decided to start bodybuidling and get coaching. Getting coached and investing in myself helped me get up to 223 pounds at one point. Once I tweaked a few thing with my lifting the gains were on autopilot. Not only did my confidence shoot through the roof because I became "that jacked dude" but I proved to myself that anything is possible. And that's why I created the 6 Step Skinny To Jacked Template.

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With this template you'll learn:

-How many muscles you should try to grow

-The most optimal amount of exercises per week

-The best rep ranges for muscle growth

-How to progress your reps for muscle growth

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