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Skinny To Muscular Workout Plan

Youtube and google are good sources for muscle building because you’re able to get muscle building info at the snap of your fingers.

Which happens to be a double edged sword because it is very easy to keep consuming info. It becomes a problem when you don’t see results asap so you switch it up because you’ve learned something new that might get you quicker and better results.

Since the first routine wasn't given enough time it kinda seems like you’ve let yourself down because the muscle growth code hasn’t been cracked yet… And it’s just not adding up since you’ve been doing the work.

Before I started bodybuilding there were no gains… I always worked out consistently but my workouts were not fit for major muscle growth because I always switched up my workouts. There was always a new workout everyday and every week.

Once I got into bodybuilding and stuck with the same routine for months things really changed. The only way to put on muscle is to get really good doing a few things and making it more challenging over time. As a skinny guy one way to make your workout more challenging is by adding more sets. Below is an example of how you’d progress your sets over a few weeks to put on muscle.

-Week 1: 12 sets

-Week 2: 13 sets

-Week 3: 14 sets

If you're lifting by yourself then adding more sets is perfect because you don't have to worry about increasing the weight and needing a spot since you know you can control that weight.

This is specifically for the muscle you’re trying to grow. Say for example you are trying to grow your chest. Week 1 would be 12 sets total of chest exercises. Week 2 would be 13 sets total and so on. Most people need at least 12 to 20 sets a week to start so that's why 12 is used to start.

As a skinny guy the smallest of gains look major. Making your routine more challenging over time by adding sets you’ll see steady growth and you won’t have to worry about if your workouts are working or not.

CLICk HERE for a free muscle building template that will help you put on muscle much quicker.

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