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When it comes to trying to put on muscle being skinny is tough because it's a reminder that the goal is not being accomplished.

So that's got you thinking if it's even possible to put on muscle at this point because you have put in the work.

Before I started packing on muscle I was a calisthenic and dumbbell type of guy. There’s nothing wrong with this style of training but it’s not the quickest way to put on muscle. Nor is it the most way efficient way to put on muscle.

Once I got into bodybuilding and switched to using mainly compound exercises that was a real game changer…. Why? Because you can put more weight on a bar but you can’t add a ton of extra weight to dumbbells or to your calisthenic exercises as compared to a bar.

Why is being able to put more weight on a bar so important? Because the more weight you add, the stronger and bigger you’ll become. So compound exercises should make up the majority of your workout. The following exercises should make up the bulk of your workout:

-Bench Press: Chest, Triceps, Front Delts

-Shoulder Press: Front Delts and Triceps

-Lat Pulldown: Back and Biceps

-Bent Over Row: Back, Rear Delts, Biceps, Traps

-Squats: Quads and Glutes

-Stiff Legged Deadlift: Hamstrings and Rear Delts

-Upright rows: Side Delts and Biceps

To add to that below are the three main things you need to increase in your workouts put on muscle:

  1. More weight

  2. More set

  3. More reps

So as a skinny guy, it’s important that your workouts are mainly compound exercises because it’ll be easier to add on the bar. By using compound lifts for the majority of your workouts and keeping those 3 things above in mind you’ll be a much more jacked version of yourself.

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