Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

For Starters let’s make sure we have the same definition of a bodyweight circuit workout. Exercising using just your bodyweight refers not adding any extra weight and performing an exercise like a push up or a pull up. Circuit workout refers to a series of exercises with minimal to no rest. The typical variables of circuit training include:

-low to moderate number of sets ( 1 – 3 )

-moderate to high repetitions ( 8 – 20 )

-short rest periods (15–60 seconds) between exercises

These variables can be changed depending on the results you’re looking for. Circuit training is also a great option if you have time constraints. Most people have a job and family to tend to so time is a major factor. A 10 minute workout is just as effective or even more effective than being in the gym for hours. You can perform a short circuit workout before work as soon as you wake up and not feel as guilty about eating the donuts and free food at work. When the two are combined (bodyweight exercises and circuit training) you’re able to keep your heart rate elevated and put more stress on more muscle which leads to increased fat loss and lean muscle in a much shorter amount of time.

When trying to put together a bodyweight circuit workout just keep it simple. A few things to keep in mind are that every exercise is built from a push up, pull up, or a squat. Choose 1 to 4 exercises (squat, hip ups, push ups, pull ups). The less rest you give yourself, the higher your heart rate, the more fat you’ll potentially burn, and the closer you are to your dream physique.

Be creative at home or wherever you are using your body as weight and STABLE structures to bring out the versatility in your workouts.

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