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My name is Waquiem Comar and I am a NASM Certified personal trainer and Biomechanics Specialist. Despite being decent at sports growing up I was always pretty skinny and I didn't like it.


There were many times I was mistaken for a girl especially at wrestling tournaments. Being skinny and looking like a girl are a few things that drove me athletically. Right around 15 I became obsessed with push ups because I needed muscle. I started doing 20 push ups at a time and got all the way up to 120 at a time. By the time i finished high school and college I was a state champ in wrestling and 2x All-American in track.

But there was still one problem, even though I no longer looked like a girl I was still 5ft 10in and skinny. I ended up moving to Thailand a few years after college and thats when I started bodybuilding. I went from 165 pounds up to 223 pounds at my biggest. My confidence took off because I saw the work I out in and people started to treat me different. Now my goal is to make sure every skinny guy is able to feel that same shift in confidence.


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