Putting on muscle in the summer is simple and important because you want to go on vacation looking your best. There are a few simple things to keep in mind while you are focused on your summer gains which include the burn, rest, progressive overload, macros, caloric surplus, weekly weigh ins, and a workout buddy.

Until it burns

When we’re working on our summer gains, reps play a huge difference. Gains come from volume and volume means reps. The burn, the pump, or the tingling feeling you get during a set is what's called metabolic stress and it's a huge factor for muscle growth. Why use 3 sets of 10 when you might be able to get a few more reps out of that set. Push your sets closer to failure with a rep or two in reserve for more gains.


The rest you take between sets is a major factor in being able to feel the burn. To much and too little rest can defeat the purpose of the workout. Most literature keeps it consistent with 1 to 2 minutes of rest for muscle growth.

Progressive overload

You will grow more and induce more hypertrophy as you push your body more. Increase your workload in small increments weekly to give your body a chance to adjust. There are many things that can be done for progressive overload, a few include:

-Incorporate bands

-Hand placement

-Foot placement

-More weight

-Weight sets

-More reps

Caloric Surplus

Continue increasing your calories. Outside of putting in a great workout, continuing to eat more is the mecca of your summer gains. Sometimes when it’s too hot it might be a little difficult to increase your calories so remember blending your food or making a smoothie helps to get the calories down.

Weigh yourself weekly

This will help keep you honest with your calories. If you’re not gaining weight in small increments weekly then you know the calories need to be increased.

Workout Buddy

Two heads are better than one. A workout buddy gives you accountability and helps you push when you don’t want to. When you lift with someone there’s always someone there to spot you and you’re able to push with a little more motivation.

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Let’s go over the foundation of building muscle and stop playing games. Going from a skinny version to a much larger version of yourself comes down to 7 simple categories. Once you master those 7 simple categories, there’s no choice but for your body to grow due to hypertrophy.

Let’s use one of America’s favorite sports…. Good Ole football

Pushing exercise

Let’s say one of those big guys like Jadeveon Clowney pushes someone into the air and pancakes. That would be an example of a strong chest front delts, medial delts, and triceps. Those muscles can be strengthened by over head pressing exercises like military press and shoulder press

Pulling exercise

The last person that you want running at you is Ray Lewis and you for sure wanted him on your fantasy football team because he was every Quarterback’s worst nightmare. He was either going to knock someone’s head or pull you back a few yards so say hello to 2nd and 20. But for him to have so many sacks and pull all those all his opponents to the ground that means he had strong lats, traps, and biceps which can be strengthened by doing pull ups and bent over barbell rows.

Knee Bend

By far Saquan Barkley aka SaQUADS Barkley has some of the largest and most powerful legs of any running back to ever play the game. The size and strength of his makes him hard to tackle, allows him to be shifty, and allows him to continue running even after he gets hit a few times. Different variations of squats is how you step into the realm of SaQUADS Barkley.

Hip Hinge

In this era, one very feared defensive player is Aaron Donald because he’s quick and powerful. Most of his highlights are of him blowing through offensive lineman and making sure they become a meme. His ability to be so powerful from a 3 or 4 point stance is because he has superior hamstrings and glutes which can be strengthened with deadlifts. But not just any deadlifts…. Stiff Legged Deadlifts


If you were to bet on which football player could win Mr. Olympia it should be DK Metcalf. It is safe to call DK Metcalf the Hercules of the NFL because that’s just what it is. He is extremely ripped and has no shortage of muscle. And as you know, muscle is built by protein. Too much can get sloppy, too little could mean organ failure, so just to to maintain YOUR physique is what is key


Some guys seem like they never take a play off because they're either shutting down their opponents play or talking the greatest trash ever and taking their opponent out of their game. This high level of energy comes from a few greats: Deion Sanders, Ocho Cinco, and Terrel Owens. These guys had a motor like no another and they were not shy about letting you know. This high level of energy comes from carbs. Making sure you’re taking in the right amount of carbs for YOUR body is beyond important.


Almost every lineman you’ve ever seen. We need these guys because without them the game wouldn’t exist. Linemen protect the quarterback, running back, your sanity, and they protect the coaches from getting fired. That same protection is what fats do for our organs and it is also used as a secondary source of energy. Once again, it's extremely important you’re taking in the right amount of fats for YOUR body.

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Your workout format prioritizes what muscles are exercised first and how they are exercised which plays a big role in hypertrophy for skinny guys. Feeling like you randomly get hurt in your workouts or getting exhausted before you've done the “important part of the workout” stops today. Guys like Titans running back, Derrick Henry, have a great workout format and seem to get bigger and stronger every year. Check out a few of the exercises in the NFL’s All-Pro Derrick Henry’s routine.

Derrick Henry Exercises

Derrick Henry Exercises

Derrick Henry on healthy routines

As seen in Derrick’s videos there is a good amount of variety in his workout and very structured. The structure of his workout is one important principle that allows him to maintain his dominance in the NFL. Below is a workout format that you can use to take your physique to the next level.

  1. Warm up

  2. Core exercises

  3. Balance exercises

  4. Plyo exercises

  5. Agility quickness drills

  6. Resistance training

  7. Cool down

The steps above allow you to address the pains and the weaknesses first by strengthening under-active and overactive muscle. This format starts off with a warmup that can be seen as the pre-pump before the pump because it kickstarts blood flow. The core exercises are essential because without a strong midsection it becomes hard to perform most exercises with good technique. So for example, if you sit at work everyday you’ll be able to address low back issues or tight hips first and then continue on with your workout. Balancing exercises are essential because most times you’re on foot or using one hand at a time. Strengthening the ability to stay balanced will shoot your gains through the roof. Plyo exercises keep your hip and knees movement strong which are important for compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Agility exercises are optional but since you’re looking to put on muscle then staying as agile as possible will help tremendously in the long run so you can be bigger and still move. Lastly there’s the resistance training which is the meat of the workout followed by the cool down. Taking your time at each step will not only help you build muscle quicker but also allow you to enhance your movement.

To take your physique and training to the next level use this simple workout format. There’s no use of continuing to workout in pain and making the problem worse which is slowing your gains down. Confusion with what goes where for your workout is longer relevant with a simple format.

For more detail with what is included in each step of the workout format for optimal muscle growth join this private facebook group “Bulk The F Up”.