The idea of hypertrophy for skinny guys or muscle growth for anyone can be tough enough. Then slapping the idea of growing muscles with resistance bands can seem even more far fetched. But the reality is no matter what tool is used compound movements give you the best bang for your buck. Why? Because more than one muscle is used at one time

Before we dive into the exercises here's a checklist of movements for your exercises that can be used to make sure all or most muscles have been hit:

-Hip Hinge

-Knee Bend



Now here are a list of exercises categorized by the movement patterns above:

-Goodmornings: Hip Hinge

-Stiff Legged Deadlift: Hip Hinge

-Squat: Knee Bend

-Chest Press: Horizontal Push

-Military Press: Vertical Push

-Bent Over Row: Horizontal Pull

-Lat Pull Down: Vertical Pull

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There are many reasons that can be thrown into the bucket that influence muscle growth. Especially if you have all day to break it down to the molecular level. But since this is going to be a quick read today 1 of 3 simple topics will be discussed and you can test this out today.

“When muscles are mechanically overloaded and then provided with appropriate nutrients and recovery, the body initiates an adaptive response that results in the accretion of muscle proteins.”

— Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy by Brad Schoenfeld

Thank you to Brad Schoenfeld first and foremost. Second, his quotes simply says the heavier the weight lifted and the higher the quality of rest/food consumption the more muscle you can build. "Mechanical Tension" is phrase Brad Schoenfeld gives in his book for one of the three important muscle growth factors. Lift heavier and you shall grow.

Let's take a step back. STRATEGICALLY and EFFICIENTLY lift heavier. Try out his words of wisdom and be safe.


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Why is mobility important? Long story short mobility keeps you young. It's one important aspect that keeps you functioning like a normal human. There are plenty of conversations where we've realized our mobility is slowly fading and they all start with "my back hurt".

To reduce feeling 1000 years old and to properly continue on your muscle building journey continue your mobility exercises and moving in different directions in your workout routine. Specifically for your core, cable rotations are an awesome and easy exercise to hit your abs at a different angle (aka your abs will be more shredded), keep you strong, and make sure you don't age 50 years overnight. Just imagine life restriction free (in terms of mobility) as you pack on some serious size while you're doing this exercise.

Cable rotations

3 sets and 8-12 reps

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