Your workout format prioritizes what muscles are exercised first and how they are exercised which plays a big role in hypertrophy for skinny guys. Feeling like you randomly get hurt in your workouts or getting exhausted before you've done the “important part of the workout” stops today. Guys like Titans running back, Derrick Henry, have a great workout format and seem to get bigger and stronger every year. Check out a few of the exercises in the NFL’s All-Pro Derrick Henry’s routine.

Derrick Henry Exercises

Derrick Henry Exercises

Derrick Henry on healthy routines

As seen in Derrick’s videos there is a good amount of variety in his workout and very structured. The structure of his workout is one important principle that allows him to maintain his dominance in the NFL. Below is a workout format that you can use to take your physique to the next level.

  1. Warm up

  2. Core exercises

  3. Balance exercises

  4. Plyo exercises

  5. Agility quickness drills

  6. Resistance training

  7. Cool down

The steps above allow you to address the pains and the weaknesses first by strengthening under-active and overactive muscle. This format starts off with a warmup that can be seen as the pre-pump before the pump because it kickstarts blood flow. The core exercises are essential because without a strong midsection it becomes hard to perform most exercises with good technique. So for example, if you sit at work everyday you’ll be able to address low back issues or tight hips first and then continue on with your workout. Balancing exercises are essential because most times you’re on foot or using one hand at a time. Strengthening the ability to stay balanced will shoot your gains through the roof. Plyo exercises keep your hip and knees movement strong which are important for compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Agility exercises are optional but since you’re looking to put on muscle then staying as agile as possible will help tremendously in the long run so you can be bigger and still move. Lastly there’s the resistance training which is the meat of the workout followed by the cool down. Taking your time at each step will not only help you build muscle quicker but also allow you to enhance your movement.

To take your physique and training to the next level use this simple workout format. There’s no use of continuing to workout in pain and making the problem worse which is slowing your gains down. Confusion with what goes where for your workout is longer relevant with a simple format.

For more detail with what is included in each step of the workout format for optimal muscle growth join this private facebook group “Bulk The F Up”.

Putting on muscle and becoming a much larger version of yourself comes down to the proper preparation. When you are prepared and there's structure then execution becomes a lot more efficient. When it comes to one of the most prepared in NFL history, Tom Brady has proven that preparation can take you as far as you want.

Tom Brady was a lot of things coming out of the University of Michigan.

He was:

-not drafted number one overall

-not drafted in the first five rounds

-not the most athletic

-not the most outstanding at the NFL combine

-not the starter when he got to the patriot

The list goes on. There seemed to be so many other options before ever thinking about Tom Brady as an NFL starter. To top it all off his NFL combine performance was far from spectacular. With all that said, what made the biggest difference for Tom Brady to go from zero to hero was his preparation. After being drafted by New England and finally earning the starting position he showed that the ability to learn, follow structure, and prepare will take you farther than you can imagine.

Tom Brady preparation

Tom Brady was able to perfect the program that the Patriots designed. He understands movements and defensive coverages very well. After 7 super bowls titles it seems like he consistently puts himself in the right places at the right time. This same concept of using proven program design is implemented in the 16 week muscle building program. The program starts off with 8 weeks of German Volume Training to expose your system to something new and see more growth quicker. Just as Tom Brady is able to break down the movement of his opponents, video demonstrations for each exercise (biomechanics) are given to get the most growth possible. Exercise selection and exercise order are explained because that does affect growth just as Tom Brady has a plan for which play to run and why. When it comes to exercise selection more compound movements are used so you can hit more muscles at once. As far as exercise order, compound movements are typically performed first since those are the heaviest exercises and muscle growth is much more likely with heavy weight. Lastly the exercises are periodized meaning they rotate every so often to keep you fresh. Prepare like a super bowl champ and lets discuss how to get you there.

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JJ Watt is the new addition to the Arizona Cardinals and has shown tremendous physical growth from high school to present day. There’s the thought that NFL players were born the size they are and that couldn’t be further from the truth. JJ Watt is a great example of that and as we dive into his career we’ll also go over training styles that’ll help you get as big as JJ Watt.

JJ Watt’s early career

As you can see JJ Watt has definitely been able to put on size over the years. JJ Watt ended his school career at Pewaukee High School as a much skinnier version of his present day stature. Relative to his height, 220lbs kept his frame very slim and some would say extremely slim. and had Watt rated as a 2 star athlete. Hard to believe he was not ranked amongst the top at his position as a defensive end. He ended up attending the University of Wisconsin where he was redshirted for the 2008 season and was named Wisconsin's Scout Team Player of the Year. Athletes that redshirt typically endure more and at times have much harder workouts because they basically have the entire year to train due opting out of the season to have another year of eligibility. To put it into perspective, redshirting is great for growth but it sucks because it’s comparable to having to do the jobs people don’t want. By the time his career at Wisconsin was finished He earned the Ronnie Lott Trophy in 2010, voted AP and Sports Illustrated second-team All- American, All-Big Ten first-team, academic All-Big Ten, and was voted the team's MVP. The next step of course was the NFL where he was drafted in the first round by the Houston Texans. By this time he put on close to 70lbs and weighed about 290 lbs. He is now entering his 10th season, 9 of which were played with the Houston Texans.

How does this relate to you

Are most people as tall as JJ Watt (6ft 5in), no, but you can put in the same effort in your workouts as he did. Putting on weight is not always easy but it can be done at your own pace. There are two very important things you need to do for you to grow which include a nutrition plan specific to your body type and workouts that will help expose you to the most growth possible. German Volume Training is a great way to shock your body and allow you to get the growth you’re looking for.

German Volume Training (GVT)

Most training programs you’ll see look like the normal 3 sets of 10. German Volume Training increases the volume which puts your sets/reps at 10x10. The recommended weight percentage of GVT is about 50%-60% of your max with about 1 of rest. With this type of training it's recommended that you hit a particular body part only once every 5 days with a 1 day on and 1 day of workout schedule.


-Monday: On

-Tuesday: Off

-Wednesday: On


The reason is because there's a lot of volume and your body will need time to recover. The volume in this program is what will help induce your muscular growth. Most of the routine should be performed with compound movements such as squats, rows, presses and deadlifts. Supplementary isolation movements like leg curls and extensions can be used in this type of training using the recommended 3x10-20 rep range. The tempo recommended is 4210 which means 4 second eccentric, 2 second isometric, 1 second concentric, and 0 second isometric

Example: Bench press

-4 seconds lowering the bar

-2 seconds paused at your chest

-1 second lifting the bar

-no pause at the top

Example workout

-Bench press 10x10

-Bent over barbell row 10x10

-Chest fly 3x20

-Single arm Dumbbell Row 3x20

Join the Keemfit community and get your German Volume Training tailored for your fitness goals in the 16 week muscle building program by filling out the consultation form.

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