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Scapula Downward Rotation

Scapula Abduction

Scapula Adduction

Scapula Elevation

Scapula Depression

Scapula Upward


Scapular Movement

Hip External Rotation

Hip Internal Rotation

Radioulnar Supination

Radioulnar Pronation

Shoulder Horizontal Abduction

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Shoulder External Rotation

Shoulder Horizontal Adduction

Spinal Rotation

Cervical Rotation

Transverse Plane Movement



Hip Abduction

Hip Adduction

Spinal Lateral Flexion

Cervical Lateral Flexion

Shoulder Adduction

Shoulder Abduction

Frontal Plane Movement

Plantar Flexion


Knee Extension

Knee Flexion

Hip Flexion: Femoral on Pelvic Rotation

Hip Flexion: Pelvic on Femoral Rotation

Hip Extension

Spinal Flexion

Spinal Extension

Elbow Flexion

Elbow Extension

Shoulder Flexion

Shoulder Extension

Cervical Flexion

Cervical Extension

Sagittal Plane Movement

Strengthen Area

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